Coolest pubs and bars in Queenstown

Queenstown is one of the most popular places to visit in New Zealand. The mix of eye-popping scenery and exciting recreational activities makes this a desirable place to spend a vacation.

Plus, let’s not forget about the wide range of bars and pubs in this area. Here is our guide to the coolest pubs and bars in Queenstown.

Morrison’s Irish Pub

This is exactly what you would expect from a top-quality pub of this type. It is being situated slightly away from the lake, which means that it is free from many tourists.

The location features a pool table, and the views from the balcony are first-rate. There is also a pub quiz and the beer is being served in actual pints. The food is affordable and well-proportioned.

Pig & Whistle Pub

This is a jaunty British-style pub that is perfect for hanging out with your friends on a Saturday night. It is a simple affair, a hangout for snowboarders and hardcore skiers.

The location is excellent for stopping after a hard day on the slopes. The Pig & Whistle Pub is not a classy place, but it is definitely fun with no sign of pretentiousness.

Cowboy Qt Ltd.

This is another cool bar in Queenstown that you must not omit. Those who are looking for a night out that is different than it is likely to have in Queenstown, must go to this bar.

This cowboy-themed bar is very earthy and cool. Do not take our word for it. Head in there and see for yourself. We are sure that you will be quite impressed. Also, note that the prices here are affordable.

Little Blackwood

This is a bar with stunning views. The location is being perched right by Lake Wakatipu. Plus, it is surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery.

Having a cocktail here while enjoying these magical views is definitely unforgettable. The alcoholic concoctions are being prepared with lots of love.

Sitting down by the roaring fire and enjoying such a cocktail will make you feel incredible. Little Blackwood has something different, something unique that makes visitors feel amazing.


Some bars in this city are more suited to the summertime and others are more suited to the wintertime. The good news is that Winnies is in its element all year round.

This place is cozy and snug in the winter. But, during summer you can bask in the open air whilst still being inside. That is possible thanks to the wonderful open roof.

The pizza from here is genuinely gourmet and the best in town.

The World Bar and Restaurant

This location has long been a Queenstown apres-ski institution. It is a cozy place where the food is tasty and affordable at the same time. Moreover, the beer is free-flowing and delicious.

This bar draws snowboarders and skiers to it like moths to a flame. There is also live music that keeps the party going the whole night. This location is great for those who are looking to explore Queenstown to the fullest.

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