Exciting activities in Queenstown

Are you planning to visit Queenstown? Don’t you know what this place has to offer in terms of activities? If so, then in the following we will tell you what the most exciting activities in Queenstown are.

Whether you are an adventurous person or not, we are sure that you will enjoy these amazing activities.

Go bungee jumping

There are lots of adventure activities in Queenstown. That’s why it is important to come with a great game plan. Not knowing exactly what to do can be quite overwhelming.

This location is excellent for the crazy adrenaline sport called bungee jumping. The first try ever has been on the Kawarau Bridge. Today, there are plenty of different bungee jumps in and around the Queenstown area.

So, those who are being interested in something like this have lots of jumps to choose from.

Admire Queenstown from above

This is a gorgeous city, especially when it is being admired from above. The best view is the one from the top of Bob’s Peak. Here, visitors will be treated with a wonderful view of the city.

Plus, there can also be seen stunning panorama of mountain peaks and the famous Lake Wakatipu.

Ride the skyline gondola

This ride is being known as the steepest cable car lift in the Southern Hemisphere. This Queenstown staple is 100% safe. The experience will be an unforgettable one. Moreover, the panoramic views are simply magical.

Hike to the top via the Tiki Trail

The Tiki Trail is steep and shaded. Also, most of this 1.5 miles hike goes through the forest. This means that tourists will not get a real view until they reach the top.

That would certainly be quite a reward. The entire hike will take around 45 minutes from bottom to top.

Go for mountain biking

This is another exciting activity people can try in Queenstown. Whether you want a full-on downhill adventure or just a casual ride, there are bike routes for every style.

Those who are being interested can choose between guided tours and independent rentals. One of the most popular locations for biking is the Bike Park.

This place is at the top of Bob’s Peak. There are 28 world-class trails to choose from. Note that Hammy’s Track is an excellent route for beginners.

Take a jet boat ride

This is a classic New Zealand adventure. Tourists can find rides that are being offered all around the Queenstown area. An adventurous boat ride like this will certainly be memorable.

Such activity usually lasts for about 90 minutes. In this whole time, you will have lots of fun.

Go skydiving

Queenstown is also a great place for skydiving. Only imagine yourself falling free with views of the Southern Alps. Plus, you will be able to see both stunning coasts of the South Island.

This entire experience would be pretty damn incredible. Yet, it is essential that you are ready to try an activity like this. Not everyone can go for it. There are many different sky diving companies to choose from.

Do some research and compare the prices and reviews. This will help you make the best choice for you.

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