Free and affordable things to do in Queenstown

Queenstown is an expensive holiday destination. It has plenty of pricey adrenaline activities to offer. Yet, even if you are on a budget you can still have great fun here.

We’ve put together some free and affordable things you can try in Queenstown. Take a look at the list below to discover what to do in this city on a budget.

Chill out at the beach

For a relaxing day, go to the beach. There is a beautiful and quiet beach in Queenstown. Main Town Beach is pretty hard to miss. It is a pleasant location to relax.

It is also a great place for renting an aqua bike or stand-up paddleboard for a unique experience. While spending time at the beach is free, you will have to pay for the water activities.

Yet, this should not be a problem at all as the prices are quite affordable.

Play Frisbee Golf in the Queenstown Gardens

For people who are on a budget, this is another exciting activity to try in this region. Throughout Queenstown Gardens are 18 baskets. So, there is plenty of space for playing Frisbee Golf.

Plus, this game is super fun. So, take a group of friends or your family and play Frisbee Golf in the Queenstown Gardens.

Freestyle at Site Trampoline

For an affordable yet fun all-weather activity, hit the trampolines of Site Trampoline. This is a good place for those who want to practice their freestyle tricks for the Queenstown ski fields.

There are many activities going on such as Freeski, parkour, and freestyle trampolining.

Go for a hike on the Queenstown Hill

Those who love spending time in nature should go for a hike on Queenstown Hill. The experience through fur tree forests and high grasslands will be a memorable one.

This walk is worth the climb for the stunning views. This is one of the most popular activities around here for a reason. This activity is excellent for adults and children as well. Yet, it is mandatory to wear the right outfit.

Go shopping in the Remarkables Park

For those who want to do some shopping but do not have too much money for that, Remarkables Park is perfect. This is a very popular attraction in Queenstown for its cheaper shopping than you find in the town.

People can find in this place lots of interesting and affordable things. Even if they are cheap, this doesn’t mean they are of poor quality.

Eat a big burger

Once you are in this town, you must not forget to eat the famous Ferg. This is a gigantic Fergburger that you will most probably have to share. Queuing for food like this can be an all-day activity.

The best thing to do is to order the burger on the phone in advance. Also, don’t forget to get some Free Fries vouchers as well, from any hostel in town.

For dessert, try their Deep Fried Kiwi Fruit. It is absolutely delicious. It has a taste that you will not forget too soon.

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