The most beautiful places in New Zealand

A visit to New Zealand will allow you to discover some of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes. This country has lots of stunning attractions.

From pristine beaches to rocky alpine terrains, here are the most beautiful places in NZ.


This is a small yet picturesque seaside town on the Wairarapa coast. It is being situated just north of the capital city, Wellington. The lighthouse from here is the tallest on the island.

A collection of fossil shells can be seen on the lighthouse route. Those who are lucky can even spot native fur seals and birds hiding in full view. The sheltered lagoon situated at the base is another wonderful tourist attraction.

Piha Beach

Piha Beach is a wonderful place that has something for everyone. This place is very popular among surfers and landscape photographers. The black sand and the clear water are part of this beach’s appeal.

Here, tourists can see a volcanic monolith with a war memorial and great Maori carvings. Every year, Piha Beach attracts lots of surfers and photographers.

Cape Reinga

This location is right at the top of the North Island. The legend says that the spirits leave from earth to the ancestral homeland of Hawaiki. The walk to the famous lighthouse offers some amazing views of the coastlines.

Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park

Avid nature lovers and hikers must definitely visit this place. Here, they can admire stunning mountains, glaciers, and remarkable rocky terrains. This National Park is home to Aoraki/Mt Cook, the tallest mountain in New Zealand. There is a variety of beautiful landscapes, including glaciers.

Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo is being considered one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand. During the day, the place dazzles with its crystal-clear glacial waters. On the other hand, at night, the area becomes stargazing heaven. In spring, tourists have another picturesque bonus.

There are beautiful lupins that color the roadside in a carpet of purple and pink hues. The best time of the year to visit Lake Tekapo is definitely spring.

Mount Taranaki

This is a quiescent stratovolcano, located on the western coast of the North Island. Mount Taranaki has a symmetrical shape that makes it similar to Japan’s Mount Fiji.

Around the Egmont National Park are several hiking tracks. These tracks offer access to this magnificent summit.


Wanaka is a popular getaway for those who need a breather from the dynamic Queenstown. During winter, this location is great for skiers. But, during summer, Wanaka offers lots of water-based activities.

In fact, Wanaka has exciting outdoor activities all year round. Tourists will definitely find something exciting and memorable to do no matter the season.

Tongariro National Park

This National Park holds a Unesco Dual World Heritage status. That’s because of its Maori cultural associations and volcanic features. The Tongariro National Park is home to three active volcanos.

Tourists can admire Ngauruhoe, Tongariro, and the ski slopes of Ruapehu. Plus, there are also some captivating glacial Emerald lakes. All in all, this whole place is magical, and it is one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand.

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