Things to do in Queenstown, New Zealand

One of the most tempting places to visit in New Zealand is Queenstown. There are lots of interesting things to do and see in this location. In fact, the whole country is amazing.

Have you planned to spend your next holiday here? If so, then here are the best things to do in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Shotover jet board ride

You cannot say that you have visited Queenstown if you didn’t go on the Shotover River jet Boat ride. This is a unique and amazing attraction. Plus, it is one of the most fun activities to try in this area.

Jet boats are fast and agile, and they will offer you incredible sensations. The Shotover River is iconic for Queenstown. It is being situated right in the heart of the Shotover Canyon.

It is only 10 minutes far from downtown. We are sure that anyone who gets there will be amazed by this spectacular place. The boat charges down the famous Shotover River.

The whole journey will be through the stunning canyon. This is an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Ride the luge up at the skyline

While you are at the top of the Skyline, go for one of the most popular activities. We are talking about riding the Luge. For lots of fun, take some friends to race with.

Yet, even if someone goes for this experience alone, it will still be fun. Jumping in a little buggy by speeding up with the help of a steering column, is definitely exciting.

Watch the sunset from the Queenstown hill

From this place, the sunset looks very beautiful. The view is epic, and Queenstown hill is the best location for it. In fact, the views from here are great at any time of day.

Yet, they are even more magical in the golden hours. The sunrise is also spectacular from this place. For the sunset, it is important to wake up early and climb the Tiki Track.

The track is well-marked, but it would be a good idea to have a torch with you for better visibility.

Go to the Moke Lake

For another unique experience, head out to Moke Lake. Go there for relaxation, for the amazing views, and also for a delicious picnic. Surrounded by massive mountains, Moke Lake is also an excellent spot for hiking.

The campground from here is an awesome place to stay. Plus, at a distance of only 2 kilometers, tourists can reward themselves with a swim in the chilly waters.

Those who want to visit this location in winter must-have snow chains and a 4×4. Otherwise, there is the risk to not be able to get to this place. Plus, for an even more exciting experience, try paddle-boarding.

Kayaking is another exciting activity that can be done at Moke Lake.

Play Frisbee Golf in the Queenstown gardens

This is another fun thing to do in Queenstown. Grab your friends and hit the trees for a bit of Frisbee Golf. This course is being located downtown in the Queenstown Gardens.

The good news is that the course is free. This activity is excellent for families or for a group of friends.

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